Apprey PR, a Chicago-based public relations agency, embarked on a brand identity journey to reflect its dedication to elevating clients’ aspirations and achievements. The agency’s mission is to transform clients’ endeavors into celebrated stories and amplify their visibility on both local and global platforms.



To showcase Apprey PR’s unwavering dedication to its clients and their unique stories through strategically crafted brand identity that portray professionalism, and ultimately position the brand as a reputable and high-tier public relation agency.

  Brand Identity Design Strategy

Logo Design: The logo was meticulously crafted to embody a client-centric approach. Triangular patterns converged toward a diamond at the core, symbolizing Apprey PR’s focus on elevating clients. The “PR” was emphasized within the name, highlighting the agency’s expertise in public relations.





The chosen brand colors, blue, yellow, and red, were strategically selected to infuse vibrancy and emotion. Red drew attention, blue invoked tranquility, and yellow represented both the agency’s origins and excellent service. These colors harmonized to convey a sense of joy, comfort, and calm.  The typeface was selected to convey professionalism while maintaining an approachable and welcoming feel.


                                                                The imagery used in the branding showcased clients’ stories and achievements, emphasizing the agency’s transformative role.


                                              Implementation and Rollout

The new logo was integrated across all touch-points, including the social media profiles and marketing materials, ensuring a consistent and recognizable brand presence. The selected brand colors were used consistently to maintain visual harmony and reinforce emotional associations. The brand’s messaging focused on the agency’s commitment to transforming clients’ stories into celebrated narratives, highlighting the agency’s expertise in public relations.





Results and Impact

The brand identity of Apprey PR effectively communicated a client-focused commitment, solidifying its position as a reliable partner. This was further reinforced by the establishment of a professional image through its visual elements and messaging. The chosen brand colors not only infused vibrancy and depth but resonated emotionally with the audience. The prominently featured “PR” in the logo showcased the agency’s expertise in public relations, significantly enhancing its credibility within the industry.



Apprey PR’s brand identity design successfully communicated the agency’s dedication to clients’ success and its commitment to professional excellence. The logo, color palette, and imagery collectively conveyed a client-centric approach, professionalism, and vibrancy. The brand identity effectively positioned Apprey PR as a transformative force in the field of public relations.