Case Study: Branding Lewa

Lewa is an online education platform dedicated to transforming lives through accessible education in Cameroon and Africa. Their mission is to empower learners and educators by transforming education through innovative eLearning software. Lewa aims to make learning accessible, engaging, and personalized for learners of all ages and educational backgrounds.


Ulevus Design Approach for Lewa’s Brand Identity:

The objective of Lewa’s brand identity design is to establish Lewa as a reliable and reputable online education platform that educators and learners can trust. The logo was designed to incorporate elements that symbolizes education, transformation, and connectivity through the utilization of vibrant and uplifting colors to convey positive energy. The visual style featured diverse and relatable imagery, showcasing learners and educators engaging in transformative learning experiences.













The End Product:

The brand identity design successfully captured Lewa’s mission to provide accessible education and positions them as an innovative and trustworthy education platform. The consistent implementation of the brand identity across various touch-points contributed to enhanced brand perception and increased engagement from learners and educators.