The Silicon Mountain Conference, termed SMCON, is the biggest annual technology conference in the country, Cameroon, West Africa. Silicon Mountain is a technology ecosystem where all stakeholders connect, collaborate, innovate, thrive, support, and develop high-impact solutions and ventures. The 2023 Silicon Mountain Conference theme, known as SMCON23, is “It Takes a Village to Raise Champions.” The SMCON23’s theme illustrates all stakeholders’ – in the country and the diaspora – active engagement in developing and proliferating a robust technological innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem







As part of the Silicon Mountain ecosystem, Ulevus crafted a brand identity that showcased the spirit of SMCON23, “It Takes a Village to Raise Champions.” Starting with the logo, the Ulevus design team crafted the SMCON23 logo that conveys strength, leadership, and the essence of collaboration.









Ulevus Brand Identity Strategy for SMCON23:


Logo Design:

To embody the theme of leadership and unity, the “M” and “3” in the SMCON23 logo were artfully crafted to mirror Silicon Mountain’s emblem, an elephant. The Elephant representing “M” in SMCON23 symbolizes leaders in the ecosystem guiding and leading the path to greatness for the emerging generation within the community. The upcoming generation is represented by the “3” at the end of the SMCON23, walking the cleared path ahead and innovating creative solutions to inspire and sprout new generations of great minds in Cameroon. In their natural habitat, elephants move as cohesive units, emphasizing the principle that unity is strength.






Color Palette:

The chosen brand colors, Purple, red, and yellow, were selected to depict vibrancy, excitement, unity, and innovation.




The pattern embodies the tenacity of Silicon Mountain’s innovators, with the stars illustrating the community’s vibrant potential. Buea’s mountain, recognized as the tallest in West Africa, stands not just as a geographical marvel but also as a testament to endurance and resilience for many generations. Mirroring this, Silicon Mountain’s emblematic elephant symbolizes innovators’ unwavering determination to ascend, regardless of their challenges.